• Twist-bases

    Twist bases

  • Twist-base-1mm

    Twist base 1mm

  • Twist-base-2mm

    Twist base 2mm

  • Twist-base-3mm

    Twist base 3 mm

  • Twist base. Sistema nivelación

    Base breakage

  • Nivelación Twist. Colocación a cuatro piezas

    Four-piece installation

  • Nivelación Twist. Colocación a rompe juntas

    Colocación a rompe juntas

  • Nivelación Twist. Colocación a junta lineal

    Linear joint installation

Twist Base

Sistema de nivelación

The base-clip is an essential part of the Twist System, directing the action of the crown. It features an exclusive multi-purpose design that can be used for any type of tile laying pattern:.

  • Stack bond tiling
  • Brick bond tiling
  • Linear bond tiling

Twist can be used with a wide range of tile thicknesses, from 3 to 30 mm, available in joint widths of 1 – 2 – 3 mm.